We Engage

We cover the syllabus in a fun, an interactive way to resonates and drives students’ performance.

We Generate Results

By rigorous assessment and applying variety of exam techniques, our students are comfortable doing real exam. We need to be looking to get the sum of the whole, to be greater than the sum of the parts, and we can only do that through great teamwork.

We Ensure

Our network, experience and academic pedigree ensure out students fulfill their academic potential

What Make Us Spcecial?

Meet Our Team

Plugins your themes with even more features.

Sohaib Hassan
Headteacher and Manager
B.Eng. Mechanical Engineer. PGCE - Teacher training - 15 years experience teaching Experienced AQA and OCR examiner
Ali Khalid
Over 5 years of teaching experience. Expertise in Arts and Humanities subjects, as well as UCAS admissions and career advice. Achieved 3x A* at A level. Completed BA at University of Cambridge. Currently completing postgraduate studies.
Siam Chowdhary
Highly experienced teaching 11+, including the math and English to follow it. Received 7x Grade 9 and 3x Grade 8 at GCSE. Currently predicted 3 A*s at A level - in Maths, Physics and Geography. Students enjoy Siam’s friendly and supportive approach to teaching and are successful as a result.
Armaan Shafique
Expert tutor in mathematics and science. Exceptional achievements at GCSE and A level.
Tushar Muralidharan
Specialist tutor in Maths, Science and English. 10x A*’s at GCSE and equally excellent A level achievements
Zenab Qadir
Experienced math and science tutor with several years of experience. Currently completing BSc in Biomedical Sciences.
Abdul-Nasir Muhammed
Highly experienced GCSE maths tutor, with a track record of high achieving students. Achieved Grade 9’s at GCSE maths and further maths.