Our Courses


Our KS2 tutors concentrate on developing your child’s Fundamental skills in core subjects. Our methods are very structured, providing a logical understanding of each topic. We also help them to prepare for their end of year assessments called the Standard Assessment Test (SATs). Our tutors have extensive experience and are able to provide invaluable support to help them succeed.


The first few years of secondary school bring a number of challenges as students adapt to a large number of compulsory subjects. We recognise that not every student progresses at the same pace, which could shake their confidence, so we help to develop not only the study skills but also time management skills. This ensures our students stay on the top of their workload and enjoy their free time as teenagers.


Our aim is to use our innovative methods to instil a deep and solid understanding of each subject in every child, a love for learning and success in the 11+ exam. We carry out tests and assessments as per the curriculum of particular grammar school, we monitor each child’s progress regularly and work very closely with parents, provide feedback for child’s strengths and weaknesses.


Tuition can be invaluable at GCSE as students are increasingly feeling the pressure to achieve the top grades. There are three keys to success:

    • great subject knowledge,
    • strong exam techniques and
    • good revision practices

Our high-calibre, tutors recognise this and ensure your child is fully prepared for the exams they face. We specialise in the challenging new 9-1 syllabus and help
your child with help with a specific unit or topic, We arrange special GCSE master
class for a quick confidence booster and revision support just before exams.


Our approach to A-Level tuition ensures that your child benefits from study skills
advice, exam preparation and organisation as well as our tutors’ specialist subject
knowledge. There is a great deal of pressure to achieve high grades at A-Level,
now more so than ever. We are able to offer support at this stressful time,
providing techniques that will help students answer A-Level exam questions
clearly and concisely.