Meet Our Teachers

Sohaib Hassan
Headteacher and Manager
B.Eng. Mechanical Engineer. PGCE - Teacher training - 15 years experience teaching Experienced AQA and OCR examiner
Ali Khalid
Over 5 years of teaching experience. Expertise in Arts and Humanities subjects, as well as UCAS admissions and career advice. Achieved 3x A* at A level. Completed BA at University of Cambridge. Currently completing postgraduate studies.
Siam Chowdhary
Highly experienced teaching 11+, including the math and English to follow it. Received 7x Grade 9 and 3x Grade 8 at GCSE. Currently predicted 3 A*s at A level - in Maths, Physics and Geography. Students enjoy Siam’s friendly and supportive approach to teaching and are successful as a result.
Armaan Shafique
Expert tutor in mathematics and science. Exceptional achievements at GCSE and A level.
Tushar Muralidharan
Specialist tutor in Maths, Science and English. 10x A*’s at GCSE and equally excellent A level achievements
Zenab Qadir
Experienced math and science tutor with several years of experience. Currently completing BSc in Biomedical Sciences.
Abdul-Nasir Muhammed
Highly experienced GCSE maths tutor, with a track record of high achieving students. Achieved Grade 9’s at GCSE maths and further maths.